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Cellular Recall is a soft, non-invasive, hands-on type of bodywork which addresses cellular memory and optimally hones the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

photo by Marla Mossman

Each session is geared to the needs of the individual and serves–not only in the healing of injuries–but also in the removal of blocks resulting from past trauma or malfunction. This facilitation of maximum potential results in heightened awareness, an expansion of consciousness, and a new level of performance where the artist can “forget” technique and concentrate on artistic expression and effortless execution.

Artists, laypersons (or anyone else for that matter) will achieve improved posture, (including the re-education of scoliosis). Improved sleep, freedom from chronic pain (including back, neck- pain and migraines), and a greater range of motion can be achieved in a gentle, pain-free manner.Stalking Carlos Castaneda by Joan Wulfsohn

People with inhibited movement due to childhood polio, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy, as well as children suffering from cerebral palsy, are among the clients whom Joan Wulfsohn has helped.

The energy freed up from compulsive holding patterns–energetic or physical–boosts the immune system and facilitates the healing of disease, delivering the individual to the “totality of the self”.


  • Christiane Ledakis (7 years)

    It’s a truthful description! Thanks to sessions I did with Joan, I experienced a deeper body awareness, a more powerful centeredness, and a boosting of my creativity. Can’t wait for my next trip to California for another helping of the same.
    Thank you for your precious art!

  • Jean-pierre Clermont (4 years)

    I am reading your book Stalking Carlos castaneda and I love it. I have read CC books (9) multiple times in french and in english. I spent 9 months travelling in Chile reading them. I am interested in what you do and in how I could use it for my benefit.

    Thank you


  • Joan Wulfsohn (4 years)

    Here is a passage from my book “Stalking Carlos Castaneda”
    “T first came to my attention in Utah around 1979. At this time I had been collaborating and dancing with the LA Knockers, the company of my friend, Jennifer Stace for a couple of years. We were on one of our first engagements out of Los Angeles. T was not the first of my Lost Boys. He was just the most lost. He came by way of Bobby.
    Bobby, the Pimp from Salt Lake City, looked nothing like a pimp when I first saw him. He was a beautiful, loose-limbed black man, dressed in old, faded Levi’s, a white t-shirt with a tear at the neck and, on his feet, the only indication of his chosen métier, light tan and cream snakeskin boots with high heels and silver toe-caps. We were in a disco at the time and I was dancing with my friend Jennifer Stace. I’d formed a close friendship with her when she was teaching street-dance at a studio where I was employed. She had an off-beat and truly crazy sense of humor and was forming an all-female punk-rock group that she had named “The LA Knockers.”
    Their irreverence proved confusing to those who interpreted their name as a reference to female body parts and enraged these same audience members, hopes dashed and sensibilities offended at seeing these young women “knocking” sexism, racism and time honored role-models. This iconoclasm was so far ahead of its time that the only true fans the troupe attracted were members of the gay community and an occasional fellow nut like Tom Waits and Frank Zappa”

  • Anlenor Heinze (2 years)

    Joan I do hope you remember me from Ballet School days. I found this on my facebook page and am excited to see that you too have taken your dance knowledge into the inclusion of the psyche and not just the body. I would love to correspond in a less public manner. I graduated from Antioch/New England in 1984 as a Dance/Movement therapist and have been working in Cape Town ever since. Please connect with me on my email address. Thank you.

  • joan wulfsohn (2 years)

    Hi Anlenor.I remember you well!

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