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April, 2017

There are reasons people come into our lives and conversations with people lead to amazing healers at the right time. Katie has been so determinded to see you on Sundays and I can’t be more grateful for your healing touch on her body every week. Chile just got a bit brighter having you there. Good bless,” – Krista (Katie’s mom)

“I can’t thank you enough for all the sessions, your patience and honest desire to help me and my body heal. I’ve learned so much about my body’s own ability to heal itself physically, spiritually, mentally – THAT is priceless. I gained so much wisdom from your life story in your book (I loved it!) and I so look forward to seeing you every Sunday. I always leave our time together feeling hopeful, lighter and more at peace. I will miss seeing you but I know you’ll continue to do great things in Chile – I wish you all the best! Thank you so much for being an integral part of my journey towards the healing and transformation. Buena Suente en Chile!” – Love, Katie Kincella

May, 2016

Joan Wulfsohn is a gifted healer. I was lucky enough to experience a session with her. The energy felt delightfully subtle, yet had very profound and sustaining results. Ever since then, I have felt realigned with a new found sense of comfort in my being. I would highly recommend her unique gift of body and movement understanding to any and all professionals of physical expression. Such as: dancers, athletes, yoga, martial artists, etc.

Sifu Rob Moses

November 2015

Celular Recall es una terapia no invasiva que se ocupa de la memoria celular del cuerpo, que se pierde porque hemos dejado de forma inconsciente que ello ocurra o nos hemos acostumbrado a los fármacos, con lo cual el cuerpo pierde la habilidad de auto sanarse. ¿Cuántas veces usted ha tenido una afección y se ha recuperado sólo?, bueno, allí actuó su sistema inmune, sus células trabajaron para auto curarse.

Es así, también, como consecuencia de un trauma, lesión o enfermedad, se produce una “Compulsive muscle contraction” y no se puede acceder a la parte del cerebro que gobierna ese comando y su sistema corporal quema energía para mantenerlo en ese patrón. Ocurre que nuestro sistema inmune perdió la habilidad de controlarlo.

La Cellular Recall Therapy, propone un trabajo de una hora, donde se estimula al paciente despertando todos aquellos puntos del cuerpo que permitirán restablecer el equilibrio perdido.

Las personas con movimiento inhibido debido a la polio infantil, la esclerosis múltiple y la distrofia muscular, así como niños que sufren de parálisis cerebral y personas con cáncer, son algunos de los clientes que Joan Wulfsohn ha ayudado en el mundo. Si Ud. está en tratamiento médico, éste debe continuar, pero con la terapia usted lo hará más efectivo –  Revista Peperina. Todos los derechos reservados


May 2014

I am a mature Director/Choreographer who has been suffering for several years with trochanteric bursitis. Rather than opt for cortisone shots to relieve the pain caused by simple pleasures like walking or sleeping, I have begun sessions with the amazing Joan Wulfsohn.

Joan has synthesized the knowledge she has accrued from a plethora of physical healing processes into what she calls ‘Cellular Recall.’ Through her reparative touch, as comforting as a warm Santa Ana breeze, she subtly makes the body aware of where it is now and gently teaches it how to return to where it should be. After only a few sessions with Joan, my bursitis is clearly 95% better. She is allowing me to heal by transforming the body ‘unconscious’ into the body ‘conscious.

Joan and her healing process of “Cellular Recall” are affording me a life without pain. More importantly, she is instructing my entire body–muscles and skeleton–how to move through the world in a healthy and secure manner.

What a blessing!” Vincent Paterson (“The Man Behind The Throne” legendary choreographer for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lars von Trier and many others.)


June 26, 1997
Re: Joan Wulfsohn

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Joan Wulfsohn for over 10 years as a therapist for myself and as a great source of movement therapy for my patients. I have referred many of my patients to her and all have returned to me with only glowing accolades for her work and for her personally. I consider Joan one of the finest body therapists I know and in the 28 + years of my practice I have known many.

Her work has benefited my body on a multitude of occasions and she has seen me through some of the most difficult periods of my life. I would be happy to discuss some of the cases she has helped me treat.


Dr. Nancy McBride-Logan
Los Angeles, CA


June 19, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

For the past 5 years, it has been my privilege to work with Joan Wulfsohn in varying capacity. Our initial meeting occurred when Joan enrolled in massage therapy training at this institute. As one of her instructors, I recall being moved by her presence and depth of contribution. Joan’s knowledge of the intricacies and subtitles of neuromuscular patterns and the interface of mind and body were on par with that of our instructional staff.

Our relationship furthered, when I accepted Joan’s invitation to experience her innovative work, which she calls cellular recall therapy. As I lay on her treatment table undergoing a series of subtle manipulations, I could feel a profound shift in the relationship of my rib cage and spinal column. Commensurate with these mechanical changes, was a deepened state of consciousness, similar to that induced by extensive meditation.

So impressed with Joan’s professionalism I invited her to teach a course at this institute. It combined movement, hands-on therapy and didactic presentations. The feedback was sensational with several students characterizing Joan’s work as “masterful”.

Joan Wulfsohn is amongst the most innovative, powerful teacher’s, and body therapists that I have encountered in my 17 year career. I am certain that anyone experiencing her will be deeply impacted.


Executive Director Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing
Los Angeles, CA

In 2001 I had hip replacement surgery. I also received treatments with an assigned physical therapist post surgery. In general all went well (according to the doctors) but I had major concerns about limited range of motion, various aches & pains and most of all I was not feeling comfortable in my body ( not at peace). There was a discomfort that was as mental as it was emotional and physical.

I called Joan and received a series of treatments from her. I knew her work and thought it would be of help. Some results were immediate. The pain and discomfort subsided and there was an increase in my range of motion. The range continued to increase during treatments and after. Most importantly there was a mental, emotional release overtime, an overall healing of my being.



July 20, 2011

Dear Joan,

First of all I want to thank you again for the wonderful session, i really enjoyed it, it was something very different, subtle but important. It was an exploration of a different kind of body work, very unique. You bring a very different prospective, from a place where most of us have not stood or touched. It was very generous of you to give your time and energy as graciously as you did. I think it would be marvelous to do one of your workshops here, you have a lot to offer.  Thanks for the follow up.  Talk to you soon. Stay well, stay happy and stay in your heart.

Love Out………………………………………………..Loud.

More Feedback About Joan Wulfsohn

Joan has been my guiding spirit for many many years. Through her work the understanding of the relationship between body, mind and spirit has become more clear, and as a dancer and teacher her work has been of extreme importance.

—Richild Springer: Ballet Mistress; Le Ballet Preljocaj, Compagnie Philippe Trehet, Maguy Marine, Compaginie Rosas-Anne Teresa de Keesmaker, Lyon Opera Ballet, Ecole Peter Goss; and for opera, choreographer with director Yannis Kokkos


Joan has been one of my teachers and guides for many years.As a teacher of dance, her work and her hands has helped me transmit to others more lucidly-understanding movement subjectively, i.e.-feeling from where movement is initiated and consequently how it flows through oneself to be projected to the universe.

—Peter Goss: Choreographer, Internationally renowned Master Pedagogue; Paris
Conservatoire du Musique et la Danse. Ecole Peter Goss, Paris


When Joan touches you your body disappears and you become part of the cosmos. All resistance seems to melt away and you are brought back into an infant-like state of innocence- feeling the very essence of your being. Her infinitely deep and tender touch makes you vulnerable in a wonderful way and you feel supported by angelic beings. Words can only weakly express the transformation that takes place within you through Joan’s touch. It is pure poetry. Makes you witness the colors of your very essence and helps you heal the scars that life has caused to your holistic being. Joan’s touch transforms you on all levels. Through feeling your resistance and learning to let go you find a new balance: Emotionally, physically and mentally. And the most astounding of all is: Her touch continues changing and transforming you even when she isn’t there. It is a knowledge that has been brought into your body that will never leave you again. A deep magic revolution that keeps helping you to change and understand. It continues working with your subconscious and opens unknown channels of transformation.

—Patsy Kuppe Matt, Spain: Director Ballet de Zaragoza, Guest Instructor
Stuttgart Ballet, Ballets Nacho Duarte


Joan Wulfsohn’s technique is quite unique and truly combines spiritual and physical powers. She treated my left leg, to try restore mobility and energy. I was limping. During one session, I literally felt an enormous amount of invisible “weight” on the knee slide away from my body. My interpretation of this experience was that pent up emotional sadness and other negative invisible energy had been stored around the knee, and Joan somehow miraculously sent it away. The experience helped to clear my mind and restore my thoughts about how best to proceed with life.

— Dr. Beverly Russell, Los Angeles: author, educator, certified labyrinth facilitator


Joan is an exceptionally sensitive, perceptive, and creative practitioner in the art of mind/body/energy transformation. Her work has given me surprising, and significant moments of revelation about myself and my history.

—Kim Blank: Emmy-nominated choreographer.


Shelby Chong, a dancer and comedian, began seeing Wulfsohn when her husband, actor Tommy Chong, was arrested. “I was going through a lot of stress and my body got so tight,” Chong says, noting that her back loosened up after the treatment. “It’s different from anything I’ve ever had. Nothing is painful to your body, it’s a very light touch. She’s a gifted healer and a wonderful lady. She gets rid of a lot of fears that hold you back and makes you realize that things aren’t as terrible as you think they are.”


Gina Gonzalez met Wulfsohn when she came as a patient to her dental practice in Santa Monica. A cosmetic dentist, Gonzalez previously worked as a dental assistant and hygienist. “My body is angled from working with patients all day. My head, shoulders, hip and feet get hunched over and crooked.” After seeing Joan weekly for a month and a half, Gonzalez says “My whole body has completely changed. I’ve noticed a significant difference in how I sit, how I work and how I walk. I’m impressed by how subtle her movements are, and how profoundly they have permanently changed by body.”


…Joan put her hands under my shoulders. My head tilted back and my stomach muscles began to contract and relax over and over until she pulled away to let me settle down. I left the session feeling light and euphoric, amazed at what my body had been through.

– L.A. Weekly


What I got form Joan’s work was a stronger sense of balance and additional strength in standing on the floor. I felt a right relationship inside myself that gave me freedom in dancing I’d never had before.

– Jody Wintz Rose: Former soloist, Joffrey Ballet


From the beginning of working with Joan, I received a deep feeling of being healed, but I couldn’t explain it. After two years, I felt myself surrendering to the energy more and more, until one day, while she was working on me, words began to flood out of me, answering questions about my life that had been on my mind…

– Whole Life Times


If you have a spirit of adventure, then you could take a magical mystery tour with her, end up where you started from and know the place for the first time.

– The Star South Africa largest Daily Newspaper


Joan realized how much our body is connected to our mind and emotional state. People often have contractions in one or another part of their body. This influences the way they are standing, moving, how they use their space and even more, it influences the whole physiological and emotional function of the human being. Joan has the art of handling the human body. She helps people evaluate their talents, to bring out their possibilities. She teaches them to function in a more complete way. The result is more awareness and a new sense of freedom. She has got it in her hands.

– Veronieque Rabl: Physician and Feldenkrais Therapist, Vienna


In very little time you have opened my body and given me freedom of movement and feeling. Your bodywork has been so victorious that I can say after four months, I am a new person.

– Sonja Stamm: Psychologist, Zürich


She is what I would call a medicine woman,who channels angelic energies and carries within her the deepest wisdom and insight.

– Lisa Thiel: Singer and Medicine Woman


I had total body muscular dystrophy all my life. My walk was odd; I had a sway back and my rear-end stuck out. After my third session with Joan, I stood up from her table and my back was completely flat. My pelvis had dropped into a normal position. Three years since, the change has been permanent.

– Diane Brand: Client, Los Angeles


With Joan’s hands resting under my left calf, my right arm suddenly swept up over my head and across my body. Stranger still, my left arm followed – soon both arms were flowing in symmetry as if engaged in some cosmic dance.

– Jane Baeumler: Health Columnist, Los Angeles

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