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Aiming to release and heighten people’s creative potential, Joan Wulfsohn focuses her work on the way memories are stored throughout one’s body. Through her state-of-the-art light-touch, she teaches a way to access these memories on a cellular level, bringing clients to a gentle consciousness of their most deeply held patterns. Once made aware of areas of stress, clients recognize they now have the freedom to make choices beyond what they used to consider their “normal” range of options.

To illustrate, Joan suggests that often the way humans first learn to move their bodies is the result of parental or social expectations rather than natural development. Too often, babies are taught to stand or walk before their bodies are physically ready, and instead of being allowed to progress on their own schedules,the preconceptions and judgments of adults interfere. “So many things can and do go wrong at this stage, and at this point of development, it only takes 48 hours for a habit to form,” she says. Since these experiences are pre-verbal, the memory or imprinting of the information is stored at a cellular level that normal consciousness can’t access. What we do know, however, is that as adults we don’t have quite the range of motion that we would like. Or, if we suffered as infants at the hands of dominating older siblings, we may grow into adulthood with a hanging head, rounded shoulders and a caved-in chest.

Joan believes that conventional psycho-therapy or massage alone will not have much impact in correcting such conditions, since the part of the body/mind that is effecting such patterns remains too passive in such sessions, stuck in a sort of auto-pilot mode. “Most therapies are geared toward helping people fit into society,” she says “and I want people to get in touch with their madness – and learn how to control it.” During Cellular Recall Therapy, physical, emotional and spiritual elements of the work combine to “put one’s left brain on hold. Some other form of memory or thinking takes over.” Joan explains that engaging the creative, unpredictable right side of the brain allows the client to leave behind the flawed auto-pilot approach of the left brain, and all its unnatural programming about conforming to something foreign to the individual. She feels it is in this “productive abnormality” that quantum leaps can be made toward overcoming the old patterns we cling to in normal consciousness, even as they plague us.

Joan began her work as a personal search for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. She describes her own experience: “First it was a physically greater range of movement. Then I began to experience an emotional and psychological understanding of why I held my body in certain ways. I also experienced great floods of energy pouring through me. Memories I’d never had before played out in my mind as if on a screen. When I was touched on the right rib, for instance, I would have distinct memories of my father. I would even have trippy hallucinations of myself transforming into an animal with a woman’s head – a centaur or a sphinx” Accessing these parts of herself, Joan realized what she was not conscious of doing, she could not change. She experienced the effort she was still devoting to survival postures that in the past protected her from emotional trauma, but were no longer needed in adulthood. Once aware of these patterns, she chose to expend her energies more economically, and she devoted the suddenly available “extra” energy to her own evolution, creativity and growth. She compares this process of using her emotional traumas to sustain herself to the way a bird uses the buffering force of a strong wind to hover and climb.

In her classes, Joan uses energy channeling techniques as well as working directly with Cellular Recall Therapy. She teaches students to work closely with their clients’ breathing rhythms, which allows them to enter an altered state very quickly. In this state, the clients will draw what they need, whether it is to remember or release something, or to open meridians of energy.

Joan stresses the importance of the practitioner’s willingness to be led by the clients’ needs; there is no cookbook or recipe to follow. There is the base structure of neuromuscular re-education and energy channeling, but beyond that the practitioner has the freedom of interpretation. “I don’t want my students to learn the ‘Joan Wulfsohn’ method,” she says, “I want them to take the fundamental and make the work their own creative expression.” Only then will they be able to lead clients to express their own full creativity.

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  • Dr. Mamie Smith (4 years)

    Hello Joan,

    I “traveled” around your site and found your knowledge and techniques interesting and engaging. More delightful, was the conversation we had this morning. We connected spiritually on many levels and I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts and ideas.

    I do believe our paths will cross again.


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