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Our consciousness of our back is minimal, as long as it functions without pain or stiffness. If we think of it at all, we see it hidden in shadow, dark, illusive and representative of the past. We do not “face” it unless it troubles us. Yet the back and most significantly, the spine affects the total well being of the individual. Because the spine contains nerve channels that communicate with all the organs and bodyparts, blockage in any area will have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

The upper back and shoulder area mirror excesses responsibility for others, and harbor repressed anger and resentment, unresolved conflicts and denial. The 7th cervical vertebra is a gateway and liaison between heart and intellect, and is typically chronically blocked.

The lower back is a refuse container of repressed sexuality, violence and compulsive behavior. Weakness and tension in the narrow area between lumbar and thoracic spines is almost always indicative of anxiety about money and support in general.

We intend in this series of exercises to “bring the back to the present”—and lead it from shadow into the light of conscious awareness.

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“To fly is human—to hover is divine.”- California bumper sticker

Ilse Middendorf, founder of the Berlin School of the Breath, once said that the angels, on coming to Earth, folded up their wings and hid them in the chests of humans, where they became our lungs. Thus our lungs represent our freedom, expansion and enlightenment.

The symbol of these breathing- through – movement techniques is the Hawk- harbinger of the receptive Female Principal, and representative of the non-judgmental witnessing self, hovering above our actions and emotions, maintaining a detached overveiw.

At the center is one breath, at the periphery the whirlwinds of emotion. These emotions tie us to outside forces, personal relationships, loves, hatreds and obsessive attachments. We can learn through focus on the breath and imagery, to ride the winds of emotion and hawk-like, to hover, suspended and poised at our center, choosing at will when to venture out wards with freedom and immunity. In this video we will concentrate on the co-ordination and liaison between movement and breath.

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Exercises in micro-movement, visualization and sound, awaken and stimulate the vortexes of energy that we call the Chakras, and allow an energetic flow and interchange between them. Instruction on how to test and evaluate the condition of each center, on oneself or another with the use of a pendulum, or muscle testing (applied kinesiology) will be given.

Once the chakras attain optimum function we will use the breath, coupled with infinitely subtle movements of the interior muscles to create an energetic flow, moving new-found energy up the spine (a process of enlightenment in itself)

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Energy bocks often correspond to ones astrological sign (both natal and rising signs), as well as ones personal history. (For example Pisces tend to have problems with the feet; Leo, heart and circulation; Capricorn, bones and skeleton; etc. Traumas associated with chronological age and the development of the nervous system (feet-infancy; lowerleg-ages1-7; thighs-adolescence etc.), remain permanently encoded in cellular memory and imprisoned in an automatic-pilot system of command that serves to entrap us in a vicious circle of compulsive behavior. We tend to react rather than act, and self-knowledge will only bring increasing frustration if we do not learn to bring consciousness to our movements and actions as well as our thoughts.

This series of exercises aim to bring awareness, flexibility and increased sensitivity to various bodyparts, taking into account their associations with our astrological and chronological history.

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This workshop in Micro-movement and Movement Therapy will explore cellular memory in a series of lessons that can be approached by students and professionals at all levels of performance.  Here cellular memory is
explored as it relates to myth and race memory.

The first day would be devoted to an introductory lecture/demonstration with exercises geared to the exploration of Cellular Recall through simple hands-on techniques and lessons utilizing micro-movement.  The
issues to be addressed include:

  1. Posture and Self-Image.
  2. Unconscious and /or Compulsive Muscular Holding Patterns: (a) As protective strategy (b) As dictated by Social, Cultural and Educational restrictions; –How these restrictions affect our world-view, thus estranging us from our natural heritage, the magical and mysterious side of man.
  3. Using the relationship between the skeleton and gravity to obtain release from habitual muscular contraction.
  4. The dialogue between the muscular system and the brain via the nervous system.
  5. The breath and altered states.

The remaining workshop hours will consist of lessons in micro-movement, each devoted to a theme inspired by ancient and universal archetypal symbols.  In addition to racial memory, the body stores experience of all
our archetypal symbols from the Pentagram or five pointed star (The Fetus) through the Snake (Healing, The Spine and the Female Principle), Dolphin (Rebirth) to The Great Winged Angelic Entities (Rebirth through
the Cocoon or Dream-State).

Discover a spiritual path through the body by creating a conscious connection to archetypal movement in a safe, supportive environment.  This workshop requires no technical experience other than a willingness to
abandon and explore oneself through instinctive movement.  It is designed for performers, on-performers, therapists and teachers, and includes meditation and healing techniques.

Duration of the workshop is five hours per day if a three day seminar, with two 15 minute breaks and one 60-90 minute break for lunch.
Or if a five day workshop, then the duration is a minimum of three hours. 

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