Crystal Healing Table

The crystal table is designed to be a healing tool in itself. Its height (only fourteen inches from the ground) is deliberately lower than the traditional massage table; because it has been proved that the nervous system calms down dramatically when the body is close to the ground. This facilitates receptivity and sensitivity to the information that is offered, and provides a sense of security and peace.

The table is constructed on two layers. The lower layer is mirrored and reflects and magnifies the energy of the crystals that are placed on the surface. The crystals are selected by color and healing quality and arranged to stimulate and balance the seven chakras. The patterns follow the forms of Sacred Geometry; triangles, cubes and pyramids that impact the body which lies above. The upper layer is supported on copper posts and contains windows of transparent material that allow the crystals below to beam up onto the body.

Finally the surface is covered with a mattress, designed by NASA scientists, that contains literally hundreds of magnets that reflect the frequency of the earth’s gravitational field, resulting in maximum “grounding”.

Just lying on the table for thirty to forty-five minutes is sufficient to promote a positive change in the energy field. Combined with bodywork, the results intensify to provide a profound healing experience.

Concept by Joan Wulfsohn
Design and Construction by Jose Abdo

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