About Joan Wulfsohn

Originally from South Africa, with its ancient tradition of native healers, Joan Wulfsohn developed her Cellular Recall Therapy over a period of thirty years. As an internationally known dancer, teacher, choreographer, actress and bodyworker, Ms. Wulfsohn pioneered her own healing method.

Joan’s association with both dance and bodywork began with the invitation of Rosella Hightower, then artistic director of the Paris Opera, to come to France and teach, which created a ten year alliance.

In her thirty-year career, Joan has taught classes and workshops in the U.S., France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa and Australia. She has practices in Los Angeles, Paris and Zurich. Her clients have included dancers from Bejart, ABT and leading therapists. In 1979, she led a seminar workshop at the UCLA Department of research and Parapsychology on energy channeling and dance performance awareness. In 1983, Patrice Chereau, movie director and autuer of Queen Margot, Le Homme Blesse, among others, and also the director of the University of Nanterre, invited her to teach the same techniques. The University of Nanterre is the largest state sponsored school of theater in France.

In Zurich, Joan has worked with psychologists, psychotherapists and healers, guiding them to a softer, more effective way of working with their patients. Many dancers and performers of all kinds have benefited from her touch.

In Sydney, Australia, she presented her work at the ‘Mind Body Spirit Festival’ as well as at the Ohm Shanti School of Healing Arts in Canberra. Her newly created workshop “Dancer as Channel” had a powerful impact on the participants at the Australian Institute for Classical Dance.

Her numerous teaching credits also include Movement for Actors at Lee Strasbourg Theatre Institute in Los Angeles, Centre National de Danse in Cannes and Centro National Del Teatro in Barcelona.

Joan currently leads a yearly workshop at Cie Peter Gross in Paris, where she has taught for the past thirteen years. She also taught seminars for several years at the well-known Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB) in Santa Monica.

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