Distance Healing

“My feet came alive. There was pain in my abdomen, first right side; much later and longer, left side. Surface pain in skull
I think I fell asleep, then, at half-past, turned onto right side.

“I saw a rope bridge across a jungle river, high up, the river was very muddy yet glistened in the strong sun. Men fell from the bridge into the river. Then I sat below, in the grass by the stream. There was something wrong with the distance between the bridge and the river. I could not understand. Something was dreadful. I prayed. ‘It is gone,’ I was told. ‘Let it go.’

“A huge brown eagle appeared, (at 3.40) right in front of me. I stretched out my naked hands, putting them together. The Eagle landed on my hands, I thought he will destroy my hands. He did not. I wept.

“Pain again in the left lower leg, exterior, dredge acupuncture point and beyond. Piercing pain in left knee, exterior, at the long-life-point of Japanese acupressure.

“I asked what went on with my knee? Answer, ‘It’s gone and forgotten. Learn to laugh and live!’ I cried out, wept.
The large, powerful hindquarters of a black stallion appeared. After a while, he turned around, towards the left, reared, supporting himself on his hind legs.

“’Life force,’ said a voice.

‘”My left thigh became electric, I got goose pimples all over on my arms. ‘Wow, what a shift,’ said a voice.

“My hands came alive. And my feet, both soles and upper side.

“Joy, gratitude, peace.

“Amen, Amen, Amen.


“And synchronicity helped me go through it properly without disturbance.


“Blessings from the Gods who make this possible to those who are their instruments.

“Things were extracted from my throat: animal tails, a raccoon’s, a reptile’s. Again I moved, shook, grimaced.

“Each time I prayed and begged to have those things removed, then thanked them and blessed them and released them into the light.

“The upper layer of my face came alive.

“I must have fallen asleep, because with a jolt I looked at my watch and thought the session was over. It was 4.05 pm.

“A powerful message came that had me weep. ‘You are not to perform for others but be yourself.’ It repeated this like a mantra.

“When I got up, I felt compacted, incarnate.

“Joy, blessings, and gratitude.” – Christiane, Geneva

“Just to say again that your session was momentous. I told my acupuncturist about you. The loving, peaceful energy continues” – Christiane Geneva

“But here is the important thing I wanted to say regarding your session: the wild geese and the proteus creature symbolize clearly how your ritual encompassed all, from the essence of spirit to the essence of the mineral world. What a delight

“I am now getting ready for your ritual this evening, I will wear my own large amethyst. Thank you very much for your generosity and patience. I have a heavy karma–plenty of errant past lives and problematic ancestral roots–that awareness helps accept whatever difficulties may come up. I try to do a maximum myself, as is right. However, I am also aware that any progress liberating love and creativity is a gift of grace creating a tremendous multiplier effect all around. So, since meeting you was a major present of synchronicity I gratefully accept your most kind expert help. Help, and hope that I shall put it to worthy use.” = C

The following healings were with an autistic boy who made rapid progress.
“Declan is doing so very well. We can’t believe the changes over the past year. Thank you for all your support.
Love and Light

“We just got back from a weeks vacation. Thank you for your nice note. Declan is making a lot of gains…we think it is wonderful. I appreciate that you are holding him in your heart. I again thank you for what you began with him. Namaste,

“The story and the cross were just awe inspiring. Declan opened it and said it was his own Jesus. What an amazing gift to pass on to him. I will keep you posted on his progress.


“Thank you for the cleansing ritual. Again, I really feel fortunate that you have given me tools for a lifetime. I know Declan will love his cross.


“Have seen some definite improvement in Declan arriving at school in the morning. He seems more accepting of going in to the room and he is more willing to talk about the day when I pick him up. I am inviting a boy over to play on Saturday because he agreed to it. Öne of the very few children he has really enjoyed and formed a relationship with. So I am thrilled to see these changes. Just an update. I believe you will be treating him this evening. Thanks again.


“For the third day in a row he has let me leave him off at his classroom without crying/clinging. This is a definite change.

“I know in my heart that Declan has made progress and you have helped me and him a great deal.  I would like to leave the door open if possible for more work in the future.” – Carroll B. Nelligan, MHA, OTR Vice President of Clinical Development

“Wow. I followed your instructions and my body of water was the river I grew up on, the Susquehanna in Pennsylvania, in the fall, the leaves in their gorgeous colors, slightly chill, mossy and wet, and quiet and at dusk. It was just magnificently peaceful. I used to go there to walk on the banks when I was a kid, and a teenager, to think; this time I just rested on the shore- how can I describe this? it was so peaceful, I was floating, I was exactly where I was supposed to be, it felt as if nothing could possibly disturb me. I turned sides twice, while floating, and then I fell into a deep, deep sleep on the river bank. There was no one there with me at all, but I knew there was bear nearby (as there are a lot of bears in that area, actually), and this one was just there, and he was sleeping/dozing near me. I woke at about 7:30, and turned on my back and, immediately, my shoulders released – as if they were a weight that I didn’t have to hold, and I stayed there for a few minutes enjoying this feeling of weightlessness, of really being supported by the floor that was under me, looking at my living room and feeling that this was the place I was supposed to be. When I got up I was ravenous, for carbs, which I so rarely eat, but I went out and bought BREAD! After I ate I felt revived, and worked for several hours, and then was just overcome with the need to sleep, so I did, until 11 o’clock this morning! I feel great though groggy this morning, like I want to go back to bed. When can we do this again!? Thank you. Love,” – Lynn

“The sun is shining in Wisconsin and I feel pretty damn good…..

“I put on some flute music lit a candle and left the windows open

“Once I started I immediately started crying – softly at first  then I sobbed for a long time – maybe almost an hour…….

“I went away then – I am such a water person it was very easy for me….. and once I crossed over I started running something I have not been able to do since last fall…I did not want to stop or rest just keep going and it was a hit, gorgeous jungle and I could always hear water…there were spirit guides talking to me…..encouraging me, and I felt great happiness as I saw myself as I have always been, free, open, athletic always wanting more…..it was like a test of endurance and I knew if I kept going I could plunge into this beautiful pool – I could hear a waterfall…


“I never saw anyone else but I was guided but free…..when I was drenched and exhausted – but still knew I could go on – I came out to the pool that had a waterfall at the end – I had to honor the waterfall – surrender to it and then i was allowed to enter the water…….


“I feel good this morning and to honor the experience am about to go swimming which is something i have been doing 4-6 times a week for months now…. like i used to in the ‘old’ days…..” – Kris, psychic, Los Angeles

“I am thrilled you suggested I tune in for your noon session. When I got up the back pain was completely gone and I felt wonderful. I spent the entire session on my side, switching several times, as you suggested. During the entire time I felt very light, not floating, exactly, but weightless. I was on the same riverbank, naturally a very serene place for me to be, but the details were very different.  This time it was raining, softly, wet but warm. I was in a cocoon of toasty blankets and under a beautiful canvas, three-sided tent to keep out the rain – and there was a beautiful, shirtless man sitting outside, at a bit of a distance from me, with his back to me, looking out over the water, and I knew he was there to protect me. When I woke I felt blessedly peaceful and well. And I ate a croissant and then a huge plate of pasta (and kept it all down – since I’m giving you all of the other details!). Thank you! It was amazing. I can’t believe the back pain is just so GONE! Thank you.” – Lynn

“All about elongation – I had a hard time not being in motion, stretching, that is, a sensation I gave into and it was luxurious, I could feel vertebra relieved of pressure, pulling apart and settling into their own spaces. There was a rope through the spinal column pulling up from the head and down from the hips and it was as if I could sense myself getting taller. I was enveloped in that heady lightness that has been a part of all of my sessions, and I felt as if my right hand was being gently held the arm that was behind me wouldn’t stay straight – it wanted to curve out” – C

“An eye in the center of the palm of the Buddhaís hand.

“The results of the biopsy showed no signs of cancer. Still it is not clear where the elevated level of P.S.A. comes from. We will check again in six months. Thanks a lot you for your help and your healing prayers!” – Stephan, Director, ENSO Publishing, Le Montat, France

“In the past, our work together has always been amazing, and this long distance work was equally amazing. I look forward to scheduling our next session. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a blessing you are to those lives you touch, and to the world.” – Ann, New Mexico

“The meditation you suggested worked well for me. For someone who has a real fear of large bodies of water it was fascinating to find myself going across on the stones and choosing to go into some vast and deep body of water where I eagerly floated deeper and deeper (when my mind chatter tried to interrupt I simply restated ‘I am floating, I am floating’ and often found myself going even deeper). Your instructions on how to test the resistance in the body before the session were quite useful. Before hand I did note the tension, or resistance to gravity as you put it. Afterward I paid attention to the same areas and noted that my body felt relaxed, or balanced, and I experienced no resistance. I was surprised when I felt the session begin with my jaw moving very slightly and gently and seeming to adjust itself. (Since my jaw often clicks it seemed like a good place to begin.) I experienced some sharp and mildly painful sensations in each of my shoulder joints at different times. (I injured them a week or so ago while moving a glass top table in my office and lifting it in a very inappropriate and thoughtless way and since then they feel almost like I pulled the arms from the joints.) Throughout the session my body was so extremely comfortable that I had to force myself after 20 minutes to shift my body to the other side. I seemed to slip into a type of trance or sleep, but would come back periodically. I had arranged to have Kenneth knock on the door at 6:20 if I hadn’t appeared, but when I sensed a disconnect my session ended, promptly and suddenly at 6. Now that I know you went on for another 30 minutes I realize that it was me who ended it, which is not surprising because I was scheduled to be at a women’s circle at the University at 7:30. This morning I am feeling a bit light headed, the sensation is in the base of my scull, but it has not stopped me from already running errands to the post office and bookstore, and am meeting a dear friend for lunch soon.” – Ann Cloudspeak

“Great. It’s like I can feel your hands underneath my rib cage. I felt the session mostly under my ribs, mostly in the front, a lot around the sternum and in the diaphragm. I ended up going into a trance/light sleep. There was a release in my stomach at the very end that gave me a little, quick wave of nausea, and general, gentle release all around that area, like I could feel the fascia holding my whole gut release in a way I am not used to. Still feeling some softening/releasing going on all the way up into my heart/chest area.

“Yay, what a pleasure.

“Thank you.

“That was lovely. I am sorry I forgot to send you any information about how I was feeling/what was going on beforehand. It did not seem to matter on my end, as the energy went where it needed to. Mostly to that area in my thoracic ribs, vertebrae, and organs on the right side. There were some trauma memories that surfaced, but it was not traumatic. Just revisiting it like a movie and some spirit cleaning. The images I got at the end were a sparkling white diamond upside down triangle from the bottom of rib cage to my pelvic bone, and that my liver was a living room that expanded to include memories and lots of new space for new good things.” – DM, Los Angeles

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